Experience You Can Rely On

The euTeXoo team members are highly trained, interdisciplinary experts who are both, professional software developers and experienced engineers.

Since our main goal is to build bridges and to connect technology and people, euTeXoo is naturally at home in industrial as well as in academic circles.

We Know Industry

We have extensive hands-on experience in advanced industrial engineering and professional software development. Our team has worked at or cooperated with a diverse group of companies on a variety of projects, including logic control systems design, design support systems, tool integration, control systems design for solar power plants, chemical processes, and heating/cooling systems, database systems design, and software architecture and development. These companies include Hewlett Packard, Mercedes Benz, Bayer, Siemens, Danfoss A/S, Process Systems Enterprise, active Develop, and others.

We Know Academia

We have many years experience in high-quality industry-driven academic research, in areas such as model-based tool integration, static and dynamic optimization, analysis and validation technologies, and optimal control systems design, with more than 60 published scientific papers.

Our team members have worked in several high-profile international research projects (as senior researchers and as project managers), including the European research, development, and innovation projects MULTIFORM, HYCON, HYCON2, CPSoS, PICASSO, CONSENS, DYMASOS and EMBOCON.

In addition, we are regularly invited as experts on modeling, simulation, automation, and complex systems by the European Commission and other institutions to help shape the future of European information and communication technology.

We Are Connected

All of our cooperations and projects have connected us extremely well in both, the international academic and industrial landscapes. If you need help with an engineering challenge, we can either solve it ourselves or we can tell you who can.

We Know What You Need, And We Can Get It Done

Our team has professional experience in a large variety of programming (including .NET-based languages, Java, C, C++, Matlab, and others) and modeling (including Simulink, Modelica, gPROMS, Aspen, Unisim, and many others) languages, database systems, and industrial IT systems.

Our interdisciplinarity enables us to, on the one hand, understand in detail what the customer wants and, on the other hand, how to get it done.